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What is meant by Equal Pay?

Equal pay is an aspect of sex discrimination law and has been in force for nearly 40 years. It gives the right for men and women to be paid the same for the same, or equivalent, work. Where men and women are paid at different rates for the same, or similar, work, the employer must prove that there is a reason for it which is not gender-related

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Equal Pay & Single Status
Public sector employers are currently formulating and implementing , strategies to introduce equal pay and single status to remove years of inequality between men and women employees.

The pressure is on employers to carry out equal pay audits and risk assessments with a view to introducing new pay and grading structures to remove any identified inequality. This can mean introducing job evaluation techniques and negotiating new pay and grading.

Barrie has extensive expertise and knowledge of this extremely complicated and potentially time consuming and resource draining process. He has used his expertise to formulate and implement strategies that have led to the successful implementation of single status and equal pay.

He has provided advice and formulated strategies that have settled actual and potential equal pay claims facing the authority. He has negotiated with recognized trade union representatives and independent solicitors to settle actual and potential equal pay claims facing the authority.

Such knowledge and expertise can be harnessed by other employers looking to eradicate inequality.


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