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Profile Of Barrie May
Barrie May is an experienced senior manager, who has gained expertise by managing a career that has spanned the paths of both human resource specialist and full time trade union official.

Barrie has extensive knowledge and a proven track record of implementing a wide range of strategies for Local Authorities. As a HR professional with nearly thirty five years experience he provides expertise within the following specialist areas:
  • Equal Pay and Single Status

  • Employee Relations/Engagement

  • Organisation Review

  • Culture Change
Barrie provides professional HR Services on an advisory, consultancy or Interim management basis to organisations implementing change.

Vast Experience

During the past ten years Barrie’s roles have involved strategic planning and the leading of change within a large northern unitary authority. He has extensive skills in communication and engagement of staff. He is pragmatic and has an inclusive manner which helps him work with teams to deliver key results and organisational priorities. He adapts quickly to new environments and connects with key issues and challenges facing organisations in order to identify practical solutions.

Barrie’s career spans nearly 35 years and has provided him with experience of working both in the private and public sectors. Earlier career roles within human resources enabled him to specialize in employee relations, employee communications, and recruitment. His career developed into more strategic elements including culture change, organisation development, workforce planning, talent management and succession planning and reward strategies.

Barrie led and managed Human Resource teams of varying sizes from 15 to 65 and managed budgets up to £3.5m.

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Fellow of the CIPD Organisation Chartered FCIPD,MSc
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