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Why do we need a HR Organisational Review?

A review is often associated with the change or development of HR strategy. This review involves consideration of a wide range of things including; efficiency and validity of business policies and processes, the capacity and drive to implement the changes required to achieve the organisations goals


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Organisation Review
The business case for public services to undertake organisational transformation is easily appreciated: improved service delivery, more efficient use of resources, and engaged communities. What is not so obvious, but equally important is cultural change. But what are the characteristics of cultural change that leads to successful transformation of organisations.

Barrie believes fundamentally that culture matters. It may sometimes be difficult to define, but transforming an organisation is about much more than just plans and systems. Culture critically affects the success or failure of the best laid plans.

Barrie is an advocate of the culture web identified by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes which identifies six elements that influence organisational culture.


  • Stories
  • Rituals and routines
  • Symbols
  • Organisational structures
  • Control systems
  • Power structures

  • Organisation reviews of all kinds tend to take place during a culture change or transformation programme. Such reviews can be time consuming and expensive in terms of legal challenges, disputes, and can become a breeding grounds for low morale.

    As an advocate of both employee relation management and employee engagement strategies Barrie has successfully rationalized a Corporate Management Team without disruption to services, managed the displacement of Corporate and senior managers achieving savings of some 600K pa, and project managed the transformation of the HR service achieving savings of some 500K pa.
    Fellow of the CIPD Organisation Chartered FCIPD,MSc
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