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What is Employee Relations and how does it help my organisation?

Employye Relations focus on the importance of understanding and merging corporate, management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance, commitment and effectiveness

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Employee Relations / Engagement
Recognising that employees are an organisations most prized asset and that they have a fundamental right to be kept informed and engaged is an important step on the way to engaging staff in a meaningful manner.

In order to do more than just tick boxes, employers must have in place processes and mechanisms for both employees and recognized trade unions to be consulted and be engaged.

Employee engagement requires senior leaders to support and develop employee engagement practices which must be seen as an essential opportunity for business success and to improve service provision. Engagement is a part of learning and development and needs to be part of an organisation culture.


Employee engagement is especially relevant during times of organisational transformation and can provide greater opportunity for unity and innovation during change. Interventions need to be focused on specific and relevant data to ensure appropriate actions are taken to achieve success..

Barrie fully recognises that in order for an organisation to be successful, employee relation management and employee engagement strategies are extremely important elements of the culture.

Whilst working with a large Unitary Authority he used this insight and initiated an employee survey ensuring the findings were carried out resulting in improved employee satisfaction and increased participation. He led a team of HR specialists who negotiated the outsourcing of 1300 employees to a number of partner organisations.

He worked with managers and trade union representatives to reduce absence levels by 8% achieving an annual saving of 800K. He modernized the role of the manager.
Fellow of the CIPD Organisation Chartered FCIPD,MSc
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